Reading English at a very young age made him fluent in the Dutch and English language relatively early. Over the past years has done numerous productions in English and worked as a game show host for Norwegian Cruise Line in the US.

Professional Education

Has been involved in many classes lead by talented instructors ranging from Youth Theater to Film and Camera Acting. Also attended numerous Masterclasses by industry leading professionals.

Physically Fit

Maintaining bootcamp style training and body workout plus a disciplined level of regular exercise results in being able to work hard, long and keep the spirit up on demanding workloads. Having a healthy condition means having no problems to provide psychically demanding activities.


Jasper (Jan Pieter) Smits is an actor, host and model originally from the Netherlands. He started acting at age 9 and quickly learned the basics when it came to acting as a serious profession. Over his childhood he played various lead and support roles in stage- and theater plays.

In 2006 he made the switch to being a creative in the film, television and mixed media. He can be seen as a model in several commercials for print and TV. Later that millennium he was asked to play roles for shorts and art house films by independent creative teams and smaller projects such as the 48-Hour film project. He often gets critical acclaim for his "natural" style of acting and the fact that he easily brings out disturbed personalities. He not also portrayed a large variety of roles in series for Dutch television such as Moordvrouwen and Achter Gesloten Deuren but also took his skills to other disciplines. For instance, in 2009 he was an acting double for Ruben Nicolai on an item with the former team of the Lama's on a TV show called Budget TV and in 2010 he was a referee in the dutch game-show Tros Stedenspel.

In 2012 he was hired as Cruise Staff in the United States by one of the leading cruise companies Norwegian Cruise Line. He developed a disciplined 7 days a week / 12 hours a day working style putting himself in the middle of the cruising entertainment industry. Hosting shows, introducing fellow artists, be a well trained dancer and microphone host are only a few of the skills needed for this highly fast paced and energizing job.

While in the US he continued his acting work. The Super Wings cartoon features his voice as the main character's dad, and is to air in large parts of North and South America and Asia. In 2015 he worked with director Hans Steinbichler on Der Tagebuch der Anne Frank where a had the opportunity to play the role of a German agent and in 2016 he worked on the background voices for the Hollywood production Brimstone directed by Martin Koolhoven.


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